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NEACT members benefit from access to a wide variety of sessions, including many opportunities for professional development. If you are not a member and wish to attend one of our events, join us now and enjoy all the benefits NEACT has to offer. 

Upcoming events

    • August 05, 2024
    • August 07, 2024
    • Clark University, Worcester MA

    Plan to attend the 2024 NEACT Summer Conference

    Registration for the Annual Summer Conference is now open!  The 2024 Summer Conference will be held IN PERSON at Clark University on August 5-7, 2024.  Share information about the NEACT Summer Conference with your colleagues and friends who teach chemistry at any level!  

    This year's theme is "Chemistry for All!"

    Share information about the NEACT Summer Conference with your colleagues and friends who teach chemistry at any level!  

    You must be a NEACT member to register for the conference.   You can join NEACT online--it's quick and easy.   

    Apply for a 2024 Summer Conference Scholarship Today!

    Scholarships are available to attend the 2024 NEACT Summer Conference.  New chemistry teachers and first time attendees will be given preference, but all those who apply will be given consideration.  These scholarships will cover at least half of the cost of attending the conference.  Please contact Kathy Siok ( as soon as possible if you are interested.  You will be asked to fill out an application.  We thank the Northeastern  and Rhode Island Sections of the American Chemical Society and the Biennial NEACT Scholarship for their support of NEACT. 

Past events

June 13, 2024 June 2024 ChemChat
May 18, 2024 Central Division Meeting
May 09, 2024 May 2024 ChemChat
April 11, 2024 April 2024 ChemChat
March 14, 2024 March 2024 ChemChat
March 07, 2024 Northern Division 2024 Workshops
March 02, 2024 Fundamentals of POGIL Workshop
February 08, 2024 Southern Division Meeting: Concord Consortium Tools
February 01, 2024 February 2024 ChemChat
January 18, 2024 January 2024 ChemChat
December 14, 2023 December 2023 ChemChat
November 28, 2023 Western Division Meeting: Bring the science of the MCU into your chemistry classroom!
November 09, 2023 November 2023 ChemChat
October 19, 2023 October 2023 ChemChat
September 14, 2023 September 2023 ChemChat
August 29, 2023 Summer PD Series: Keeping Students On-Track for Success in AP Chemistry
August 17, 2023 August 2023 ChemChat
August 10, 2023 Summer PD Series: Differentiating Half-Life
August 08, 2023 Summer PD Series: 10 ways to ditch those worksheets!
August 03, 2023 Summer PD Series: Using JavaLab simulations in your chemistry classroom
August 01, 2023 NEACT 2023 Annual Summer Conference
July 12, 2023 Summer PD Series: Teaching AP Chemistry to the New Curriculum with Anthony Stetzenmeyer
June 20, 2023 NEACT Annual Meeting
June 08, 2023 June 2023 ChemChat
June 01, 2023 NEACT Constitution and Bylaws Update: Q & A
May 18, 2023 May 2023 ChemChat
April 27, 2023 April 2023 ChemChat
April 26, 2023 Dual Processing Workshops Part 2; Day 2
April 12, 2023 Chemistry PD Series: Helping our students think at the atomic scale
March 22, 2023 Dual Processing Workshops Part 2; Day 1
March 15, 2023 Chemistry PD Series: Help Teaching Chem--From Cognitive Science
March 11, 2023 NEACT Central Division Meeting: Fostering student self-efficacy and science identity
March 09, 2023 March ChemChat
February 09, 2023 February ChemChat
February 04, 2023 Western Division Meeting: Igniting a Passion for Engineering Among High School Science Students.
January 12, 2023 January ChemChat
December 08, 2022 December ChemChat
November 10, 2022 November ChemChat
November 09, 2022 Northern Division Meeting
October 29, 2022 Southern Division Meeting: Make and Takes
October 13, 2022 October ChemChat
September 08, 2022 ChemChat September
August 25, 2022 ChemChat August 2022
August 22, 2022 Summer PD Series - Behavior of Water on a Penny: An IMFs, Solids and Liquids Storyline with Sarah English
August 15, 2022 Summer PD Series - Roundtable Discussion: Supporting Chemistry Students with SEL and Behavioral Concerns
August 11, 2022 Summer PD Series - Study Habits in Post-Secondary General Chemistry with the COVID Cohort
August 09, 2022 Summer PD Series - New standards using storylines: The good, the bad and …
July 28, 2022 Summer PD Series - A Method for the Determination of the Entropy Change for a Reaction
July 14, 2022 Summer PD Series 7/14 Session

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