NEACT Email Listserve

The NEACT email list exists for the New England Association of Chemistry Teachers [NEACT] community to communicate with one another on matters relating to chemistry, chemical education, ways of helping students to learn chemistry, learning strategies or theories, the organization itself, etc.

This list is intended for people who teach chemistry to help one another.  It is not necessary to be a NEACT member to subscribe to this list.  This list is NOT intended for any commercial use, and any such use will result in immediate suspension of membership.  For the time being, this will be left as an un-moderated list, that is, any subscriber may post a message, and that message will be delivered immediately to all subscribers.  If we suffer any problematic messages, then the list will be converted to a moderated one, where each message posted will first have to be approved by the moderator before it is delivered.

The easiest way to subscribe, unsubscribe, set vacation, etc., is to use the web interface.

To subscribe to the NEACT list, send an email message to with 'subscribe' [without the quotes] in the subject field.  Alternatively, you may also subscribe via the web interface.  

To post a message to the NEACT list, send an email to  Only subscribers may post messages, so you will have to subscribe and confirm your subscription before posting your first message.  The confirmation is necessary in order to prevent a third party who has your email address from subscribing you against your wishes.

To unsubscribe , send an email message to with 'unsubscribe' [without the quotes] in the subject field.  You may also unsubscribe via the web interface

Help with the system may be obtained at

Archived messages may be accessed at

"Digest" mode: Subscribers may set a flag to this effect, whereby all messages during a given day will arrive at the end of the day as one email message.  This is helpful for lists that generate many messages per day, but inconvenient if you wish to respond or contribute to a discussion that is ongoing.  Please see the help files , or log on to the web portal for instructions.

"Vacation" flag: It is also possible to set this option, which will cause messages to not be delivered for the length of time that you specify.  Here too, please see the help files, or log on to the web portal for instructions.