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The NEACT Journal is published twice a year, usually in July and February. Regular columns on subjects such as NEACT history, analytical chemistry, involvement in the classroom, New England Chemists, forensic science, safety and health, green chemistry, and the literature of chemistry provide current updates and much food for teachers' thought. Feature articles on anything from new teaching/learning methods, to industrial chemistry, to careers in chemistry offer still more information. In addition, special features such as chemical puzzles, periodic table resources, or teaching tips provide even more help and inspiration for chemistry teachers everywhere. The Journal is distributed free to all members. 

The focus of The NEACT Journal is current advances in chemistry, chemistry education, and chemistry with a New England regional flavor.  Articles should be directed to a relatively wide range of reader interests and backgrounds.  Articles and artwork or cartoons from students that meet these criteria are also welcome. 
Submitting Materials:
Manuscripts, preferably 2 to 6 pages of single spaced type, can be submitted in two ways.

  1. Preferred. Electronic versions can be sent via email or mailed on a CD. If possible, indicate the name and version of the software program used (ie-Word, OpenOffice or Pages) and the version. PDF files can be read, but are more difficult to edit. Use the form with the 'Contact the Editor' tab to attach and send submissions to the editor.
  2. Print material, including figures, artwork or graphs can be submitted via postal service (please make sure all line art/graphs are black and sharp, ready for scanning). Use the form with the 'Contact the Editor' tab to indicate your request for a mailing address.

Manuscripts for a column should be submitted to the Column Editor; see columns for contact information.  All illustrations must be original or have the permission of the owner/copyright holder.  Ideas for cover art are appreciated.  References should be typed according to the ACS Style Guide, see articles herein.  No manuscript should be submitted which has been published elsewhere or is under consideration for another journal.  Copy more than thirty words in length or figures which have been published elsewhere should not be submitted without your obtaining written permission from the publisher.  If you need additional information, please contact the Editor.
Contact the Editor.

Use this form to ask questions of the editor, or to submit an article for the NEACT Journal.
The NEACT Journal is looking for new articles for the upcoming volume.  The topics can range from successful lessons used in the classroom to research or topics of interest in the chemical field.  Many states even give credits for professional development for authors (please check your local DOE for details).  Watch the Event Calendar for information on submission deadlines.

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