Summer 2015 Mini-Conference

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Clark University, Worcester, MA
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Mon, 08/10/2015

This year NEACT is holding a 1-day summer conference from 8:30 am-9pm.  Currently in the line-up of great presentations and workshops are:

  • Mary Virginia Orna: keynote presentation: “Historic Mineral Pigments:  colorful Benchmarks of Ancient Civilizations.”
  • Dan Damelin: Web based resources workshop for implementing NGSS
  • Mary Christian-Madden: The Colorful Chemistry of Semi-Precious Gems and Minerals
  • Sue Klemmer: Mostly Purple Stuff –workshop
  • Mathangi Krishnamurthy: Colorful Chemistry with Glucose Oxidation - workshop
  • Gonghu Li: Quantum Dots: Colorful Chemistry in Teaching and Research - workshop
  • James Kaufman: Learning by Accident
  • Sudha Swaminathan: Physicist’s Tour of the Worcester Art Museum
  • Frank Lamelas: Talk on using chemistry and physics to analyze art
  • Lolita Pellizzari: Workshop on short, hands-on modeling activities
  • Mary Virginia Orna: Dinner speaker: “Fashion, Pharmaceuticals, food, and fun:  The Chemical History of Color” 

For details, registration and hotel information, download the detailed program.   Dr. Mel Govindan may be contacted at for more information. 
Contact/PDP will be available!      
Scholarships are available!

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