It's All Atomic

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Stonehill College, Easton, MA
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Mon, 08/05/2013 - Thu, 08/08/2013

The 74th Summer Conference of The New England Association of Chemistry Teachers will take place at Stonehill College, Easton, MA, from August 5-8. The theme, "It's All Atomic," encompasses a broad range - from periodicity, through history and every imaginable overlap of chemistry concepts. Now is the time to plan that part of Summer 2013 and to invite colleagues, students, and future teachers to join us at the beautiful Stonehill campus!
Some of this summer's relevant workshops include:

  • Harvard-Smithsonian / Annenberg Learner series - Videos and materials from the free, online course, "Chemistry:  Challenges & Solutions, " a 13-unit course for AP through 1st and 2nd year college set to become available this fall.
  • Lab-Aids -  display of equipment and supplies, and a workshop, too
  • Effective use of technology -  iTunes, iPad, devices and resources for learning
  • A fortuitous intersection:  "The Periodic Table, Glenn Seaborg, and Me"  
  • Take-a-ways -  free materials, chemistry mementos, prizes
  • “Behind the Scenes at MIT” Meet researchers, learn about their projects, attraction to chemistry, and how to use their videos to enhance concepts you teach.
  • Panel Discussion:  “How do you teach Atomic Theory?”

Reasons to attend the 74th NEACT Summer Conference:

  • The CAMARADERIE:   NEACT-ers are a friendly, gregarious group - warm and welcoming to new and long-standing members alike.  Our evening get-togethers give all a chance to talk chemistry and relax.
  • The CHEMISTRY :  We always learn something new, either for our own knowledge or for immediate use in our classes.
  • FINANCIAL  If you need it,  support is available from our generous donors.
  • The COLLEGE:    Stonehill is a beautiful setting with a new dorm for our stay, with new science building, dining commons, and plentiful, convenient parking.

Call for presentations:   Share your expertise, creativity, PRESENT a workshop, lecture, or participate in the panel discussion at the Summer Conference.  Contact Mary Christian-Madden
For the latest on the conference details and  online registration), please check our website:  For information regarding financial aid, contact Kathy Siok, registrar,

Further details are forthcoming throughout the spring. Always at a reasonable cost, with a convivial, collaborative group of dedicated educators, in a beautiful setting with brand new accommodations at Stonehill College, the NEACT Summer Conference is a must in your summer plans!


Follow this link for driving directions to Stonehill College