Other Resource Sites

NCHS Chemistry Page

This site includes an array of instructional materials--including labs, handouts, powerpoints and more!--for all levels of high school chemistry.

New Hampshire K-12 Science Literacy Curriculum Frameworks

K-12 science frameworks for New Hampshire, from the NH DOE

Next Generation Science Standards

26 states have adopted the K-12 Next Generation Science Standards.  At this site, you can view the frameworks by disciplinary core ideas, by topic arrangements, or by performance expectations.

Overview of the Periodic Table

This flash site is great to use with students as an introduction to the periodic table. 

Physics at the Worcester Art Museum

Scientific analysis in an art context can serve as a vehicle for introducing students to the fundamental science which underlies the analysis.  This presentation discusses nine art objects at the Worcester Art Museum (WAM)  to show students how physical principles are used to solve interesting problems. The described tour complements hands-on experiments in an instructional laboratory which is part of a physics course.  This was generously shared by Frank Lamelas and Sudha Swaminathan at Worcester State University.